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   Personalized treatment for individuals & families 734-764-0231

Our services are based on the latest research, successful models of care & the wisdom of recovering individuals, delivered with compassion, hope, and respect for diversity.

• Standard and Intensive outpatient programs
• Psychiatric assessment and treatment
• Opioid Maintenance Therapy (OMT)
• Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)
• Outpatient detoxification, when appropriate
• Specialized group therapy
• Individual and family therapy
Health Professionals Recovery Program

We offer virtual visits and are accepting new patients. 

To schedule an appointment call the Department of Psychiatry Call Center: 734-764-0231 or 800-525-5188

Insurance Information

We accept many private insurance policies. If you are uninsured or have Medicaid, please contact Community Mental Health Customer Service. Learn more here.

We specialize in working with adolescents, young adults and college students, including individuals with both mental health and substance use issues. We also offer specialized group therapy options.

We specialize in treatment services for adults of all ages, including individuals with both mental health and substance use issues. We also offer specialized adult group therapy options.

Resources and Education

This is a comprehensive list of resources to support recovery such as books, blogs, videos, and apps.

Our resource page includes a treatment locator tool, 24/7 crisis helplines, and educational resources.

News & Events

Help information and resources including updates about how to access services with UMATS. Our hope is that you can use this crisis as an opportunity to learn new skills, reinvest in your recovery, stay safe and well.

Addiction Center News & Events

Visit our news and events page here.

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