June 7, 2020

Beyond Protests: 5 More Ways To Channel Anger Into Action To Fight Racism

Dr. Polly Gipson quoted in this NPR story on strategies to fight racism

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Polly Gipson, Ph.D.

You know that old adage: "Don't talk about race and politics at the dinner table. Well, we've got to get out of that," says Polly Gipson, a clinical psychologist and associate professor of psychiatry at Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan.

And while many African Americans have the talk with their kids about how to avoid altercations with the police or what to say if they are stopped, it's important for white parents to talk to their kids about racism too.

"Yes. It's uncomfortable," Gipson says. "But we can't avoid things that are uncomfortable — because this is part of the problem of why we're not as far along as we should be," in eliminating racial injustices. And the more people who join the conversation, the better.