July 20, 2020

Manual of Inpatient Psychiatry, 2nd Edition, now available

Edited by Drs. Michael Casher and Joshua Bess 

The second edition of Drs. Michael Casher and Joshua Bess's Manual of Inpatient Psychiatry was recently published by Cambridge University Press and is now available on Amazon. Psychiatry Department contributors to this new edition include Drs. Steven Bartek, Karina Drake, Nicholas Morcos, and Victor Hong.

The updated manual edition is published 12 years after the initial version, and continues the format of addressing the common questions and issues clinicians face in day-to-day inpatient psychiatric practice. Many of the chapters are organized around the diagnoses found on inpatient psychiatric units, allowing readers to find their area of interest quickly. A user-friendly question and answer format anticipates commonly asked questions, and tables provide easily accessible information, including diagnostic criteria and medication effects.

Incorporating advances in the field over the past decade, chapters in this second edition review a number of newer treatments, including the use of ketamine and chronotherapy in the treatment of depression, as well as the most recent evidence-based approaches for patients with borderline personality disorder. Readers will also find updated information as it relates to patients with dual diagnosis disorders (patients with both psychiatric illness and substance use.) Other updated chapters of the manual expand on issues relating to the challenge of taking care of young adults on an inpatient psychiatric unit, and the topical issue of the long term effects of head injuries, such as can occur with motor vehicle accidents and contact sports.

Manual content:

List of contributors; Preface; 1. The inpatient with schizophrenia; 2. The inpatient with depression; 3. The inpatient with mania; 4. The inpatient with borderline personality disorder; 5. The inpatient with dementia; 6. The inpatient with traumatic brain injury; 7. The inpatient with dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder); 8. The young adult on the inpatient unit; 9. Clinical documentation on the inpatient unit; Index.