Patient Care

The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry offers inpatient and outpatient clinical services. Healthcare professionals from a broad range of clinical backgrounds dedicate their unique skills and expertise to treating patients during critical periods of need for psychiatric care.

Please note that our services are mostly evaluation and consultation services. This means that we provide you with an assessment/evaluation & treatment recommendations.

We then provide options as to where you can receive the recommended care. This is often to resources outside of Michigan Medicine Psychiatry.  

Care within our Psychiatry clinic may be offered on a case-by-case basis. Factors that affect our ability to offer continued treatment include our clinicians’ overall caseload availability, and also whether or not our clinic model is a good fit for the care you need.

How to find mental health care locally and nationally

Our Approach to Patient Care

Comprehensive care
Psychiatric illnesses can affect overall health. Our model of care looks after the whole person. Because the effects of these illnesses are rarely limited to the individual who receives the diagnosis, we strive to care for both patients and their families.

Community care
Our clinicians work in partnership with community providers so that whenever possible, you can receive your care closer to home. After an initial consult and treatment recommendation, our goal is to return you to your primary care doctor or other experts in your community who can monitor and manage your treatment.

Care within a research institution
Patients can choose, if able, to participate in clinical research. In doing so, they benefit from the very latest health science, have access to treatments not otherwise routinely available, and contribute to our understanding of brain illnesses.

Multidisciplinary care
Your clinical team is supported by other professionals from the U-M Health System and from nearly every school and college within U-M. The result is a unified approach to diagnosing, understanding, treating, and eventually preventing the illnesses we treat.

Care within a teaching institution
It is our mission to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals to meet the unique challenges of mental health care. We will ensure that tomorrow’s providers are skilled in the latest procedures, treat patients and families with compassion, and remain relentless in their search for better ways to conquer psychiatric illness.


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