Clinical Service and Community Programs

Strong Roots Programs:

Our faculty develop and implement community-based programs that make a meaningful impact in the lives of children and families. To illustrate, Mom Power and Strong Military Families are two of our flagship parenting programs for families with young children, and deliver an evidence-based curriculum designed to promote parent mental health, positive parenting, and strengthen resilience among families facing adversity. Our research has confirmed that these interventions not only improve parent and child mental health, but that participation in these programs also leads to changes in the “parent brain” as demonstrated through brain imagining research, revealing that the impact of these interventions is deep, and can strengthen outcomes at multiple levels.

Other Parenting group interventions:

Integrated Care Projects:

  • Integrated Infant Mental Health
  • High Touch, High Tech
  • Relational Health Screen – “Thrive with Baby Clinic”

Psychiatry Clinics: