Perinatal Adjustment Group

While pregnancy and new motherhood can be times of excitement and joy for many families, mood and anxiety symptoms are not uncommon. Many women feel isolated and alone with these struggles. A group approach to care during this time helps many women gain social support and can reduce guilt and stigma that can accompany these challenges. The Perinatal Adjustment Group was developed by expert perinatal researchers and clinicians at Zero to Thrive to provide an essential resource for mothers in our community. It is a 7-week skills-based psychotherapy group for pregnant and postpartum women (up to 1 year post-birth) who are experiencing adjustment disorders or mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety or depression.

The Perinatal Adjustment Group provides evidence-based skills, education, and social support that can both treat and prevent worsening of symptoms and reduce the likelihood of recurrences. Facilitated by experienced perinatal mental health clinicians, the Perinatal Adjustment Group is a place where women learn about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders along with communication skills, cognitive reappraisal, relaxation and coping strategies. The group also helps women to understand the transitions of motherhood as well as changes in relationships and one’s identity.

Unique to our program, mothers are not only welcomed, but encouraged to bring their infants and young toddlers to the group. Additionally, in order to accommodate the nature of pregnancy, delivery and physical recovery, the Perinatal Adjustment group is designed to run in a 7-week rotation where mothers can drop in and out of the group as needed, and may repeat the sessions as desired. In these ways mothers are supported and nurtured through this unique psychotherapy group.