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November 19, 2020

Black in X Addresses Long-Standing Inequity in STEM

Ariangela Kozik PhD, was featured in TheScientist for her concerted efforts on social media to raise the profile of Black scientists. “It kind of solidifies the fact that we are not out here on our own."

November 16, 2020

Finding Your Place in The Medical Field

Ronald Koenig MD, PhD, an endocrinologist specializing in thyroid cancer and the creator of the Hemoglobin A1c test for diabetes reflects on his career, offering advice for aspiring researchers.

November 4, 2020

New Cause of COVID-19 Blood Clots Identified

Yu (Ray) Zuo, MD; Yogen Kanthi, MD; and Jason Knight, MD, PhD find that a significant percentage of patients hospitalized with COVID were positive for autoantibodies that create blood clots.