2-year Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Drs. Kathrine Giarra, Sarah Perez, and Ivan Co
Kathrine Giarra, MD (2nd Year Fellow); Sarah Perez, MD (1st Year Fellow); and Ivan Co, MD (Associate Program Director)

Our ACGME approved 2-year Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training Program provides outstanding clinical training leading to Board eligibility in Critical Care Medicine. This program is designed for Emergency Medicine trained physicians in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Medicine, Max Harry Weil Institute for Critical Care Research and Innovation, and Michigan Medicine directive to expand care of the critically ill.

All Emergency Medicine resident applicants are encouraged to complete the prerequisite 6 months of Internal Medicine rotations (including 3 months of medical ICU) prior to application.

The IM-CCM fellowship includes rotations in the Critical Care Medical Unit, Neurological Critical Care Unit, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department Intensive Care Unit, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Palliative Care, Nutrition and several electives. The IM-CCM fellow will rotate in the Critical Care Medical Unit three months each year.

Dr. Ivan Co, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, serves as the Associate Program Director for the IM-CCM trainees under the oversight of Dr. Jakob McSparron, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, PCCM Fellowship Director.

How to Apply

Our 2-year Critical Care Medicine Fellowship uses the AAMC Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and participates in the NRMP Medicine and Pediatric Specialties Match.

  • We do not accept other forms of applications.
  • Since our program is funded in part from a USA NIH training grant, we do not accept applications from those who are not USA citizens or permanent residents. 
  • Due to our involvement in the National Residency Matching Program, we are unable to consider any applicants who are not registered for the subspecialty match.

Submit application via ERAS:

  • Applications should be uploaded into ERAS under the University of Michigan, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program, since there is not a separate stand alone IM/CCM ERAS application for our site.

Requirements and suggestions for your application:

  • Letters of recommendation are vital in our assessment of applicants. We require a minimum of 3 letters; up to 4 will be accepted. Because we find the following to be the most salient and helpful, we require:
    • A letter from your internal medicine department chair or residency program director.
    • Also useful would be a letter from any senior faculty with whom you had significant interaction, especially if they are members of the Pulmonary and/or Critical Care Divisions.
    • Otherwise, the most helpful letters will be from faculty who can speak to your attributes, performance, and potential in clinical and investigative endeavors. 
  • Under most circumstances, Dean's letters and transcripts from medical school will not be helpful. Unless unusual circumstances warrant this, we prefer not to receive these.
  • We suggest that your personal statement give us insight into not only who you are, but who you would like to be and how you envision that your fellowship experience will foster your development.

More information on the Critical Care Medicine Fellowship can be found on the Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program Website. 

Contact Us

For more information about our Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training Programs, please contact:

Patty Urban
Fellowship Program Coordinator
Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
3920 Taubman Center, SPC 5360
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: 734-763-9077
[email protected]

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