While we are a clinical department within the U-M Medical School, the Department of Internal Medicine is also home to more than 130 basic, translational, and clinical research faculty members. Spread across 13 divisions, our research community successfully competes for funding from national agencies, foundations, and industry sponsored projects. Our scientists are dedicated to identifying and implementing real solutions to redefine how we practice medicine. We understand that great science can dramatically transform the lives of our patients here in Michigan and beyond.      


Vibha Lama, MD, MSVice Chair, Basic and Translational Research
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD - Vice Chair, Clinical Research


U-M, which has ranked No. 1 in research volume among the nation’s public universities for the past nine years, reported $1.62 billion in research expenditures during 2019. Among U-M units the Medical School ranked No. 1 in research expenditures, with $690 million. More than a third of that funding comes from the work of internal medicine faculty. In 2019, the Department of Internal Medicine competed for and obtained $198 million in research support and published more than 2,200 research publications.


Department of Internal Medicine researchers across our specialties are conducting COVID-19 research to learn more about the disease and to develop improved and more personalized treatment methods. The below articles highlight some of their work.

Novel Autoantibody Adds Fuel to COVID-19 “Firestorm” of Inflammation, Blood Clots

Ray Zuo, MD; Yogen Kanthi, MD; Jason Knight, MD, PhD; and team analyze serum from hospitalized COVID patients and find that those with higher levels of anti-NET antibodies were more likely to develop severe COVID symptoms. Read more

Teamwork Saves Lives: COVID-19 Hospital Network Shares Key Lessons to Improve Care

Learning from real-time data from 40 Michigan hospitals reduced wide variation in everything from antibiotic use to clot prevention, and yielded findings that could be used worldwide. Read more.

Comparison of Social Vulnerability Index and Area Deprivation Index Assessing COVID-19 Outcomes

Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc analyzes data from two different Michigan indexes to see how a geographic location's underlying characteristics align with incidence and mortality. Read more.

There Are More Immunocompromised Americans Than We Think, and That’s a Problem with COVID-19 Vaccines

Beth Wallace, MD, MSc and team find that people who take immune-weakening drugs could be at an increased risk of COVID-related hospitalization. Read more.


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