While we are a clinical department within the U-M Medical School, the Department of Internal Medicine is also home to more than 130 basic, translational, and clinical research faculty members. Spread across 13 divisions, our research community successfully competes for funding from national agencies, foundations, and industry sponsored projects. Our scientists are dedicated to identifying and implementing real solutions to redefine how we practice medicine. We understand that great science can dramatically transform the lives of our patients here in Michigan and beyond.      


Vibha Lama, MD, MSVice Chair, Basic and Translational Research
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD - Vice Chair, Clinical Research


U-M, which has ranked No. 1 in research volume among the nation’s public universities for the past nine years, reported $1.62 billion in research expenditures during 2019. Among U-M units the Medical School ranked No. 1 in research expenditures, with $690 million. More than a third of that funding comes from the work of internal medicine faculty. In 2019, the Department of Internal Medicine competed for and obtained $198 million in research support and published more than 2,200 research publications.


Watch the Dr. Sexton Interview on Michigan Minds

U-M Center for Drug Repurposing (UM-CDR) Identifies and Screen Drugs to Combat COVID-19

Co-led by Jonathon Sexton, PhD, the UM-CDR mobilized its resources to begin rapidly identifying and screening drugs from their library of thousands that were most likely to be effective as therapeutic interventions for COVID-19 in the clinical setting. 
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Faster Than COVID: A Computer Model That Predicts the Disease’s Next Move

Michael Sjoding, MD explains the significance of M-CURES, a predictive model in development at U-M, that could help care providers stay safe and anticipate patient needs. Learn more on Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation News.

Michigan Researchers Pool Resources to Combat COVID-19

Emily Somers, PhD, ScM co-leads the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Registry, created to gather data from coronavirus patients in order to inform clinical care decisions and trends in treatments. Learn more on Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research News.

Innovative Monitoring Technology Predicts Patient Emergencies Before They Happen 

Andrew Admon, MD, MPH, MSc discusses the significance of PICTURE-COVID-19, a technology being developed to identify patients with COVID who may need more intensive care support. Learn more on Michigan IT News.

U-M Research Lab Opens to Explore New Treatment Targets for Patients with COVID-19

Division of Infectious Diseases Launches Clinical Studies to Uncover COVID-19 Treatments


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U-M researchers have access to robust services, equipment, testing, and technologies. Whether you are engaged in basic science research or clinical trials, U-M provides the support you need:


Michigan Research Experts is a searchable database of research expertise across the University of Michigan, developed by the Medical School Office of Research and custom-tailored for our research community to foster collaboration on campus and around the world.