About Us

U-M Genetic Medicine Division Faculty

The Division of Genetic Medicine is part of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan and actively participates in clinical, educational, and research activities. Our division is comprised of over 16 primary and secondary faculty, and includes members with co-appointments in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, U-M Life Sciences Institute, U-M School of Public Health, as well as in the U-M Department of Human Genetics, Department of Pathology, and Department of Pediatrics.

Our Clinical Activities

Michigan Medicine has multiple genetic clinics and programs, one of which is our Medical Genetics Clinic, which was established in 1941 and is the oldest genetics clinic in the country. Our clinic specializes in diagnosing genetic conditions, providing care, assessing risks and implications for you and your family members, determining testing options and coordinating genetic testing, identifying supportive resources, and providing genetic counseling. 

Our Research Activities

The faculty in the Division of Genetic Medicine are strongly committed to understanding how genes work, identifying their roles in diseases and disorders, and to continually advance knowledge in the field of genetics.

Our Educational Activities

Our faculty and staff are significantly involved in educating and training the next generation of students interested in a career in genetics, which include students in the Medical Genetics Residency Program (based in the Department of Pediatrics), the Department of Human Genetics Graduate ProgramsGenetic Counseling Program, and Genetics Training Program, and the School of Public Health Certificate Program in Public Health Genetics.