Conferences for Fellows

Our Divisional conference schedule provides comprehensive continuing medical education for the faculty and fellows. We utilize a wide range of formats including didactic lectures by University of Michigan and visiting faculty, case-based discussions, journal clubs, and M&M conferences. Several conferences are mandatory for fellows including: GI Research Conference, GI Grand Rounds, Fellows' Conference, GI Clinical Research Conference, Advanced Endoscopy Conference, and Liver Conference. Others are encouraged, but not mandatory, including Thoracic Conference, Peptide Center Speaker series, NOTES Conference, Michigan Bowel Control Program Conference, Departmental Grand Rounds, and other special interest conferences.

Division Conference Schedule Click here for the monthly schedule with details such as speakers' names and topics, as well as room locations.

GI Research Conference – Tuesday, 12:00–1:00 pm

This one hour weekly meeting includes several formats. The Faculty Research Conference occurs monthly and is intended to update the faculty and fellows on the research being done by individual divisional faculty. The Journal Club occurs monthly and includes two articles presented by a fellow and faculty mentor on a theme relevant to their research interests. The Fellow Research presentation occurs toward the end of the academic year and is intended to be a formal presentation by senior fellows on the culmination of their research experience during fellowship. Throughout the year several visiting professors and faculty recruits present at this conference. The Luminal Pathology Conference is designed to provide group interaction between the pathology and GI divisional faculty and fellows on relevant patient care and research issues.

GI Grand Rounds – Tuesday, 7:30–8:30 am

This one-hour weekly conference is our premiere conference that updates the faculty and fellows on all “hot topics” in GI. The didactic-based format covers 8 major topic areas that rotate throughout the year including: Liver/hepatitis, IBD, Reflux/PUD/HP, Biliary tract/pancreas, Liver failure/transplant, GI cancer, Small intestine, Motility. Speakers are chosen by divisional experts in each topic area and includes speakers from within our Division, in other divisions or departments at UM, and at least one speaker invited from outside UM in each topic area.

Fellows’ Conference – Wednesday, 7:30–8:30 am

This one-hour weekly conference follows a two-year-long schedule of topics that covers all aspects of the gastroenterology and hepatology curriculum necessary for becoming an effective subspecialist. The curriculum is designed to follow the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Subspecialty Examination in Gastroenterology. The format is didatic, small group or case-based. Presenters are either from within the Division or invited from external sources.

GI Clinical Research Conference – Biweekly, Wednesday, 4:30–5:30 pm

This one-hour biweekly conference alternates with the Advanced Endoscopy Conference. The GI Clinical Research Conference format includes didactic lectures on evidence-based medicine, research design, and statistics. In addition, fellows engaged in clinical research discuss their plans, problems and progress in a group setting with key clinical research faculty present. This conference is an integral part of the curriculum for fellows on the GI Outcomes Training Grant, but includes all fellows engaged in research. An emphasis is placed on evidence-based critical review of the medical literature.

Advanced Endoscopy Conference – Biweekly, Wednesday, 4:30–5:30 pm

This one-hour biweekly conference alternates with the GI Clinical Research Conference. This case-based conference is organized by the advanced endoscopy fellows and includes a multimedia presentation of ERCP, EUS, and capsule endoscopy data. Emphasis is placed on working through the diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms in an evidence-based manner for patients with complex biliary diseases.

Liver Conference – Thursday, 7:30–8:30 am

This one-hour weekly conference follows several formats:  case presentations, liver pathology, didactic updates, journal club. The conference is attended by all Hepatology faculty, transplant fellows, and GI fellows.

Department Grand Rounds – Friday, 12:00–1:00 pm

This one-hour weekly Department of Internal Medicine includes speakers from other University of Michigan departments, visitors and presentations by the Associate Chair of Medicine for Graduate Medical Education.

Other Divisional Conferences

Inpatient Teaching Conference. This one-hour daily conference is the teaching conference for the students and residents on the GI Inpatient service. The GI fellow on the inpatient service prepares and presents one conference a week. The remainder of the days are presented by the GI Inpatient and the Liver Service attending physicians.

Radiology Conference. Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm this conference is part of the Inpatient teaching series and is a case-based conference organized by the fellow assigned to the GI Inpatient service in conjunction with one of the radiologists.

Summer Core Clinical Series. This hour-long conference occurs two to three times per week throughout the summer and is designed to provide the first-year fellows with essential clinical skills they will need to manage common GI problems they will encounter on the wards, in clinic, and on call.

First Year Fellows Orientation. This series of experiences spans the first three days of fellowship and is designed to provide incoming fellows with information that is immediately needed before starting to see patients in clinic or on the wards.

GI/Thoracic Conference. This monthly conference is multidisciplinary in nature with input from radiologists, surgeons and gastroenterologists. It is case-based, and highly interactive. This conference is optional for fellows.

Michigan Gastrointestinal Peptide Research. This series presents up-to-date research in peptide hormones by members of the Center and invited guests. This conference is optional for fellows.

NOTES Conference. This monthly conference is designed for anyone interested in surgery through the endoscope. This conference is optional for fellows.