Research Training

Research opportunities are available for fellows interested in basic mechanisms of disease or those interested in pursuing more clinically oriented projects. As the medical center is located in the midst of the main campus of the University of Michigan, research mentors may include faculty from our Division of Infectious Diseases, the School of Public Health, or other schools or departments throughout the University and Medical School.

A total of 12 months of research time over a two year period is required of all fellows. Historically, about 50% of fellows obtain funding and choose to do a third year of research (generally as Lecturers) to further their academic career goals.

During the first six months of fellowship, the fellow is expected to identify a research mentor and, in conjunction with that mentor, form a research committee. If possible, regulatory approval (if needed) should be obtained (or at least initiated) during this period. With the assistance of the mentor, the fellow will be expected to develop a hypothesis driven research plan including background, hypothesis, specific aims, and methods. By the end of the first two months of the research block, the fellow should have presented the research plan to the committee and modified it based on their feedback. The background and research plan will then be presented to the division during ID grand rounds. It is hoped that a book chapter or review article will result related to the background of the research project. During the remainder of the research block, the research should be conducted and presented to the research committee and, after modification, presented to the division during ID grand rounds near the end of fellowship or near the end of the research block.