GI Fellowship Training Program - 3 year

Hari Conjeevaram, MD
Hari Conjeevaram, MD, MS, Program Director

The primary aim of the Fellowship Training Program in Gastroenterology is to develop successful academic gastroenterologists with outstanding clinical skills and specialty expertise in basic or clinical investigation, teaching, or clinical practice. Recognizing that excellent physicians are required for health care delivery in the community, the GI Fellowship Training Program has a secondary goal of training outstanding practicing clinicians who maintain a lifelong scholarly interest in basic disease mechanisms.

The University of Michigan offers highly competitive salaries and tremendous benefits to our residents and fellows. An overview of salary, benefits, and employment eligibility is available on the GME Office website, under Prospective Residents/Fellows.

Our program offers three tracks:

  1. Clinical Scholar track (“Gastroenterology/Clinical Investigator Research” – NRMP Program Code 1293144F0)
  2. NIH-funded T32 Clinical Research track (“Gastroenterology/Research-Outcomes” – NRMP Program Code 1293144F2)
  3. NIH-funded T32 Basic/Translational Research track (“Gastroenterology/Basic Science Research” – NRMP Program Code 1293144F1)

These three distinct tracks allow for more opportunity to individualize your training to meet your goals.

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