Clinical Excellence Society

Clinical Excellence Society 2019 Inductees

2019 Clinical Excellence Society Inductees
(L to R): Michael Mendez, Peter Farrehi, Asra Ahmed, Rashmi Chugh, Leslie Aldrich, Wendy Marder, Audrey Fan, Mark Ealovega, Sara Saberi, Paul Grant. Not pictured: Carol Chenoweth.

The Clinical Excellence Society recognizes in an ongoing fashion those faculty who, by their peers and their division, exude and demonstrate clinical excellence towards their patients and colleagues.

Officers 2018 - 2020 (effective April 1, 2018)

Committee Members and Initiatives

Wellness – Michael Lukela, MD; William Chey, MD; Mark McQuillan, MD
Curriculum – Roma Gianchandani, MD; Nazanene Esfandiari, MD
Mentorship – Jo Wiggins, MD; Greg Kalemkerian, MD
Coaching – Jo Wiggins, MD; Richard Simon, MD
Career Advising – Frank Worden, MD; Mark McQuillan, MD
Community Service – Doug Arenberg, MD; Mark McQuillan, MD
Global Education – Hari Conjeevaram, MD;  Mark McQuillan, MD
MiChart Efficiency Enhancement – Robert Chang, MD; Linda Terrell, MD; Mark Mcquillan, MD
Philanthropy – Kim Eagle, MD; Mark McQuillan, MD
Women in Medicine – Jo Wiggins, MD; Mark McQuillan, MD
Website – William Chey, MD; Mark McQuillan, MD


2019 Inductees

Clinical Excellence Society 2019 Inductees
(From Left to Right): Michael Mendez, Peter Farrehi, Asra Ahmed, Rashmi Chugh, Leslie Aldrich, Wendy Marder, Audrey Fan, Mark Ealovega, Sara Saberi, Paul Grant

2018 Inductees

Clinical Excellence Society 2018 Inductees
(From Left to Right): Francis Worden, Floyd John Brinley, III, Laraine Washer, Michelle Anderson, Matthew DiMagno, Amy Rothberg, Helena Schotland, Steve Gay, Tim Cotts, Christopher Lao

 2017 Inductees

From left to right:  Dale Bixby, MD, PhD; Palak Choksi, MD; Silas Norman, MD; Mary Kleaveland, MD; Hari Conjeevaram, MD, MSc; Thomas Sisson, MD; Scott Schuetze, MD, PhD; Robert Chang, MD; Yeong Kwok, MD; Caroline Vitale, MD, AGSF

Dale Bixby, MD, PhD
Robert Chang, MD
Palak Choksi, MD
Hari Conjeevaram, MD, MSc
Mary Kleaveland, MD
Yeong Kwok, MD
Silas Norman, MD, MPH
Scott Schuetze, MD, PhD
Thomas Sisson, MD
Caroline Vitale, MD, AGSF

2016 Inductees

U-M Internal Medicine 2016 Clinical Excellence Society Inductees
From left to right:  William Armstrong, MD; Jennifer Wyckoff, MD; Scott Flanders, MD; Karen Hall, MD; Michael Lukela, MD; Peter Higgins, MD; William Hasler, MD; Vladimir Ognenovski, MD.  Not shown: Douglas Arenberg, MD; Tammy Ojo, MD

Douglas Arenberg, MD
William Armstrong, MD
Scott Flanders, MD
Karen Hall, MD
William Hasler, MD
Peter Higgins, MD
Michael Lukela, MD
Vladimir Ognenovski, MD
Tammy Ojo, MD
Jennifer Wyckoff, MD

2015 Inductees

U-M Internal Medicine 2015 Clinical Excellence Society Inductees
Front row (left to right): Georgiana Sanders, MD; Nazanene Esfandiari MD; Kevin Chan, MD; Julie Morelock, MD; Panduranga Rao, MD; Avinash Prabhakar, MD; Seetha Monrad, MD
Back row (left to right): Kevin Flaherty, MD; Anne Schott, MD; Fred Morady, MD; Aaron Berg, MD; Robert Fontana, MD; John Del Valle, MD

Aaron Berg, MD
Kevin Chan, MD
John Del Valle, MD
Nazanene Esfandiari, MD
Kevin Flaherty, MD
Robert Fontana, MD
Seetha Monrad, MD
Fred Morady, MD
Julie Morelock, MD
Avinash Prabhakar, MD
Panduranga Rao, MD
Georgiana Sanders, MD

2014 Inductees

U-M Internal Medicine 2014 Clinical Excellence Society Inductees

Standing (left to right): Hakan Oral, MD; Stanley Chetcuti, MD; David Wesorick, MD; David Bach, MD; James Riddell, MD; David Smith, MD; Mark Mcquillan, MD; Elisa Ostafin, MD; Mark Zalupski, MD; Richard Simon, MD
Seated (left to right): Linda Terrell, MD; William Chey, MD; Erik-Jan Wamsteker, MD; James Baldwin, MD

David Bach, MD
James Baldwin, MD
Stanley Chetcuti, MD
William Chey, MD
Mark Mcquillan, MD
Hakan Oral, MD
Elisa Ostafin, MD
James Riddell, MD
Richard Simon, MD
David Smith, MD
Linda Terrell, MD
Erik-Jan Wamsteker, MD
David Wesorick, MD
Mark Zalupski, MD

2013 Inductees

U-M Internal Medicine 2013 Clinical Excellence Society Inductees
Front row (left to right): Roma Gianchandani, MD; Vallerie McLaughlin, MD; Melvyn Rubenfire, MD; Jocelyn Wiggins, MD; Steven Gradwohl, MD; Michael Heung, MD; Paula Bockenstedt, MD; Anna Lok, MD; Grace Elta, MD; Mark Kaminski, MD
Back row (left to right): Marc McMorris, MD; Thomas O’Connor, MD; Gregory Kalemkerian, MD; Timothy Nostrant, MD; Kim Eagle, MD; Daniel Kaul, MD; William Barrie, MD; Robert Hyzy, MD; Jonathan Segal, MD; Paul Fine, MD; Bruce Redman, DO; Michael Shea, MD
Not shown: W. Joseph McCune, MD

William Barrie, MD
Paula Bockenstedt, MD
Kim Eagle, MD
Grace Elta, MD
Paul Fine, MD
Roma Gianchandani, MD
Steven Gradwohl, MD
Michael Heung, MD
Robert Hyzy, MD
Gregory Kalemkerian, MD
Mark Kaminski, MD
Daniel Kaul, MD
Anna Lok, MD
W. Joseph McCune, MD
Vallerie McLaughlin, MD
Marc McMorris, MD
Timothy Nostrant, MD
Thomas O’Connor, MD
Bruce Redman, DO
Melvyn Rubenfire, MD
Jonathan Segal, MD
Michael Shea, MD
Jocelyn Wiggins, MD


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