Podiatry Fellowship Training Program

The University of Michigan Podiatry Research Fellowship Training Program is designed to train the next generation of leaders in academic podiatry. The program is a two-year program that includes clinical and research areas. This fellowship will involve all areas of clinical medicine with an emphasis on research and patient populations at risk for limb loss.

Our team consists of five Podiatrists:

A Message From Our Podiatry Clinic Director

Crystal Holmes, DPM
Crystal Holmes, DPM, CWS

If you are looking to learn from a group of dynamic, caring, professional clinicians and researchers, at a world renowned facility, then you have found the right place to apply. Our Podiatry team is passionate about helping their patients in the area of Limb Preservation, Wound Care, and Diabetes Related Lower Extremity Complications. Our fellowship program is housed in an off-campus, high-volume clinic, where we offer and guide our fellows in both clinical practice and research projects.

Since 2006, I have committed myself to building a highly professional team of doctors here at the University of Michigan. We are all passionate about our patients, and more importantly, willing to share and guide our fellows. Personally, I have a family connection to my passion which is what drives me to want to save as many limbs as I can from the complications of diabetes and knew when I entered medical school that I wanted to specialize in this area. I graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 2002 and completed my residency at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I have had the pleasure of working with many professionals and feel I have assembled a team of top-quality doctors in the Podiatry Department. I have a special interest in management of the Diabetic Foot and Wound Care. And I am board certified with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and a Certified Wound Specialist with the American Board of Wound Management.

Should we get the pleasure of meeting, I look forward to getting to know you and collaborating as professionals. I am certain you will not be sorry that you have considered our program and taken the time to apply.

Best Regards,

Dr. Crystal Holmes

Crystal Murray Holmes, DPM, CWS
Director, Podiatry Clinic
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes

Meet Our Fellowship Program Director

Michael Munson, DPM
Michael Munson, DPM

If your goal is to start an academic career in podiatry, specifically in the area of Limb Preservation, Wound Care, and Diabetes Related Lower Extremity Complications and conduct research in these areas and others, then you have found the right place to apply. The University of Michigan, the Podiatry Department, and myself are committed to working with high-quality fellows who will benefit from training at the top public university for research in the country and gain valuable experience and help us grow. Our program is designed to further train podiatrists interested in a career in research, teaching, clinical medicine, and surgery.

As a fellow, you will work with leading professionals in their area of expertise and learn to plan and conduct research opportunities. The educational opportunities in this program are quite rare. You will learn from not only patients with diabetes, but a full spectrum of lower extremity pathology. Our clinic is a general and surgical podiatry clinic that also specializes in limb preservation and wound care. Fellows will have the unique opportunity to learn from the world’s leading experts in neuropathy; with the hope you will become an expert among Podiatrists in the field of peripheral neuropathy.

In the area of limb salvage, our fellows work with experts in vascular medicine, Infectious disease, and pedorthists/orthotists fabricating and adjusting braces and orthotic devices. Fellows will have 6 months of dedicated, protected time to write and conduct research. They will work with international experts who understand the mechanisms of diabetic complications, particularly in the area of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and lower extremity complications. There will always be something new to learn and experience in our program. Our fellows are also involved in cases that come from sports medicine, trauma, and palliative care. You will be regularly exposed to surgery and biomechanics. This emphasis of this program is the multidisciplinary specialty of wound care and limb preservation.

I graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999 and joined the University of Michigan in 2012. My clinical interests include diabetic foot care and wound care, sports medicine of the foot and ankle, common foot and ankle conditions, and bringing evidence-based medicine into our common treatment practices. Research-wise I am interested in diabetic foot complications, wound care, and treatment of peripheral neuropathy and diabetic foot complications. My desire to help bring podiatry into the forefront of academic medicine has lead me to developing this unique fellowship program.

Should you apply to our program, I will be in touch about the interview process and answer any of your questions.


Dr. Michael Munson's signature

Michael E. Munson, DPM
Director, Podiatry Research Fellowship Training Program
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes

Meet Our Fellowship Program Coordinator

Martha Rhodes
Martha Rhodes

Welcome to our Podiatry Fellowship Training Program. Hopefully, as you are searching for a fellowship program, you are looking for program that is the ‘right match’ for you. I have spent the vast majority of my past 16 years in education, from K-collegiate, and know that finding the right match in a program is essential and will be one of the biggest indicators of success. We hope that the University of Michigan’s Limb Preservation, Wound Care, and Diabetic Lower Extremity Complications training program is right for you and that you apply. We have a one-of-kind program and a state-of-the-art clinic that exposes fellows to a wide range of cases. In addition, you get to work side by side with progressive doctors and researchers, who care deeply about their patients and their profession.

Being the fellowship coordinator means you and I are going to work closely on all the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the administrative details. I will be here to guide you through the application, interview, on-boarding and off-boarding process – plus any other process in between. It is my greatest professional accomplishment to be administrative support for the wonderful, professional doctors who I work with. I look forward to you being a part of our program and providing support to you as well.


Martha Rhodes
Program Coordinator, Podiatry Research Fellowship Training Program


The program is a two-year program that includes clinical and research areas. During the first year, the fellow is expected to split time between clinical responsibilities, teaching externs, and identifying a research project to be completed by the end of year two. The research project will be in the area of limb preservation, wound care, and/or diabetic lower extremity complications. We expect the fellow to submit one paper to a peer-reviewed journal by the end of year one. This paper does not have to be based on the research project.

During the second year, fellows will continue to rotate in other disciplines and split time between clinical responsibilities, teaching externs, and developing their research project to where they are submitting their second paper for publication and begin the process of applying for independent funding, both related to the fellow's research project. At this point they will have submitted their IRB for approval.

The team attends several annual podiatric meetings such as Midwest Podiary Conference, American Public Health Association (APHA), Michigan Podiatric Medical Association (MPMA), and MPMA Great Lakes Conference. Fellows are expected to submit at least one abstract to the meeting of their choice.

Rotation Schedule & Conferences

Our fellows rotate on a monthly basis to several different areas of related medicine including clinical, inpatient consultations, and research areas. Below is a sample schedule, which will demonstrate our clinical and research focus. In addition to our fellow’s clinical assignments, they also participate in the Podiatry and MEND conferences, as well as the conferences held by the departments they are assigned to throughout their rotation.

Other educational conference opportunities include:

Current Fellows

Our fellows can be reached at:

U-M Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinic
Domino's Farms, Lobby G, Suite 1500, Room 1636
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-9484
Phone: (734) 647-5871
Fax: (734) 647-2145

1st-Year Fellow

Garneisha Torrence, DPM
Garneisha Torrence, DPM

Garneisha Torrence, DPM
Podiatry School: Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
Residency: Department of Veteran Affairs, Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA
Track: Clinical
Email: gtorrenc@med.umich.edu

2nd-Year Fellow

Sari Priesand
Sari Priesand, DPM, DABPM

Sari Priesand, DPM, DABPM
Podiatry School: The New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Residency: Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY; The University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Track: Clinical

Email: sarig@med.umich.edu

How to Apply

Please complete and provide the information requested in the Podiatry Research Fellowship Application. Your application will not be processed or considered unless all information requested is received. Please refer to the application for how to submit once complete.

Application deadline for the 2019-2020 fellowship training year is November 1, 2018.

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Contact Us

For more information about our Podiatry Research Fellowship Training Program, please contact:

Martha Rhodes
Podiatry Research Fellowship Program Coordinator
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes
Domino's Farms, Lobby G, Suite 1500
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor MI 48106
Phone: 734-232-2252