Renal Transplant Team

Director: Staci Blackburn, MD

This service was successfully created in 2011 with a goal to improve quality by consolidating kidney transplanted patients into a highly knowledgeable multidisciplinary team. The team consists of a hospitalist with an assigned transplant nephrologist participating in daily rounds.  Patients are admitted to this team with a variety of illnesses such as acute kidney injuries, urologic infections, transplant rejection, medication side effects, and other infections (some rare). This service also admits general medicine patients providing even more of a variety of maladies.

Team Members

Staci Blackburn, MD
Stephen Chiang, MD
Ashly Fisher, DO
Kevin Gregg, MD
Lauren Heidemann, MD
Min Jiang, MD
Daniel Kaul, MD 
Jessie King, MD
Sweta Kochhar, MD 
Yee Lu, MD
Megan Mack, MD
Ruby Marr, MD
Marisa Miceli, MD
Abhijit Naik, MBBS
Silas Norman, MD
Lindsay Petty, MD
James Riddell, MD
Millie Samaniego, MD
Vahakn Shahinian, MD
Jennifer Sheets, Clinical Assistant



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