Benefits and Compensation


Residents are provided four weeks of vacation. Vacation period will run for a 12-month period immediately following commencement of the House Officer's appointment.


The University of Michigan House Officer Association (HOA) is a resident run organization that strives to both improve the working conditions for house officers and advance patient care. The HOA collectively bargains for competitive resident salaries and benefits including disability coverage, mental health programs, as well as dental and medical insurance. Additional information may be obtained at their website.

In addition to salary, residents receive:

  • Meal Allowance
  • Medical/Dental/Disability Insurance
  • On-Line Medical Resources (UpToDate)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Parking
  • Exercise Facility
  • Travel/Cell Phone Allowance


Resident salaries are negotiated by the HOA and are consistent across the institution. Our salaries are very competitive and allow residents flexibility to maintain financial independence. In addition, residents are provided an additional “lump sum” payment of approximately 8% of the annual salary to encourage savings, although these funds may be used in any manner the resident wishes. Finally, residents are given additional compensation if they are scheduled to work on major holidays or on their birthdays.