Lipodystrophy 2018: A Call for Global Action

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Tuesday, June 26 - Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Rosen Centre Hotel
9840 International Dr.
Orlando, Florida, 32819
Phone: (407) 996-9840
Fax: (407) 996-2659


The objectives of the Lipodystrophy 2018: A Call for Global Action symposium are to:

  • Get a better perspective of the current state of care delivery for lipodystrophy and to understand the burden of disease from the patient perspective
  • Align the community of lipodystrophy researchers for synergy and collaboration with goals of harmonization of patient registry data elements and forming a clinical research network
  • Provide an update on recent exciting findings in the lipodystrophy field
  • Review and revise disease definition and to develop and publish objective disease criteria
  • Identify gaps in knowledge in lipodystrophy and develop a patient-centric research agenda together with affected patient community


Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please click here for the 2018 Lipodystrophy Symposium program information, complete agenda, and abstracts.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

For Patients Only: Morning Session and Lunch will be at the Clarion Hotel.

8:00 am            Breakfast

9:00                  How to Tell Your Story
                         Connie Newlon

11:05                Who is Lipodystrophy United (LU)
                         Andra Stratton, MA

12:00 pm          Lunch

1:00                  Break and Rest

2:20                  Meet in Lobby to Shuttle to the Rosen Centre Hotel

Scientific Meeting starts post ADA.

1:00 pm            Welcome
                         Elif Oral, MD, MS; Louis Phillipson, MD, PhD; Andra Stratton, MA

1:15                  Keynote Address I – Chair, Louis Phillipson, MD, PhD
                         Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance in Lipodystrophy and a Potential New
                         Therapeutic Approach – Gerald Shulman, MD, PhD, Recipient of the Banting
                         Medal 2018

2:00                  Care Models for Lipodystrophy: A Look Around the Globe – Chair, Vinaya
                         Simha, MD, MBBS and Selcuk Dagdelen, MD

                         – Japan – Ken Ebihara, MD
                         – France – Corinne Vigouroux, MD
                         – Learning from NHS – Claire Adams, RN
                         – Spain – David Araujo, MD
                         – Turkey – Baris Akinci, MD
                         – Latin America – Carla Musso, MD
                         – Russia – Ekaterina Sorkina, MD

                         Role for Next Gen Sequencing in Clinical Medicine
                         Toni Pollin, PhD

3:30                  The Burden of Lipodystrophy – Chair, Andra Stratton, MA
                          – The Impact of Metabolic Abnormalities (short overview)
                            Carla Musso, MD
                          – The Impact of Nonmetabolic Multi-system Manifestations
                            Claire Adams, RN
                          – Mortality in Lipodystrophy
                            Josivan Lima, MD, PhD
                          – Living with Lipodystrophy
                             Patient Representatives

5:45 - 6:45       Poster Session, Patient Meet and Greet, and Youth Meeting (ages 11-21)

7:30 - 10:00     Dinner Meeting for All Attendees
                         – Tribute to Fallen Heroes – Presented by Andra Stratton, MA and LU
                         – Thinking About Our Legacy – Presented by Elif Oral, MD, MS


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

There will be a parallel Patient Symposium from 10:45 to 12:15.

7:00 – 7:30 am  Scientific Session – Breakfast – Rosen Centre Hotel

7:00 – 7:30 am  Patient Session – Breakfast – Clarion Hotel

7:30                  Novel Findings in Lipodystrophy That May Change Paradigms –
                         Chair, Justin Rochford, PhD
                         Anil Agarwal, PhD; David Araujo, MD, PhD; Abhimanyu Garg, MD;
                         Sonia Rehal, PhD; Justin Rochford, PhD; Marie-Christine Vantyghem, MD, PhD;
                         Corinne Vigouroux, MD

10:30                Break


10:45                Scientific Session – Road Map to Novel Therapies I –
                         Chair, Simeon Taylor, MD, PhD
                         Rebecca Brown, MD, MHSc; Elif Oral, MD, MS; Simeon Taylor, MD, PhD

10:45                Patient Session – Be Your Best Advocate
                         Lipodystrophy United Board Member

12:15 pm          Break

12:30                Lunch Meeting – Chair, Elif A. Oral, MD, MS
                         Objective Disease Criteria: Is This an Attainable Goal and What Do We
                         Have to Do?

                         Rasimcan Meral, MD    

                         The Need for Change in Disease Classifications
                          - Case Presentations That Challenge Current Paradigm – Cases from across the

2:00                  All About Disease Registries – Chair, David Araujo, MD, PhD
                         Baris Akinci, MD; David Araujo, MD, PhD; Renan Montenegro, Jr., MD;
                         Maria E. Andres, MD; Virginia Fernandes, MD; Nelson Purizaca, MD

3:30                  Road Map to Novel Therapies IIChair, Rebecca Brown, MD
                         Audrey Melvin, MB, BCh; Alan Shuldiner, MD

4:15                  Keynote Address II – Chair, Abhimanyu Garg, MD
                         Leptin, Lipodystrophy, and Neural Regulation of Glucose Metabolism –
                         Jeffrey Friedman, MD, PhD

5:30                  Symposium Adjourns

Program Booklet and Abstracts

Please click here for the 2018 Lipodystrophy Symposium program information, complete agenda, and abstracts.

Registration Information

Please see below for registration rates:

  • Academic Participants: $100
  • Academic Trainees: $10
  • Industry Sponsors: $500
  • Patients: Registration fee is waived. All patients must still register.

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Patients Only: To apply for financial assistance for travel expenses, please complete the Patient Stipend Application.

Scientific Organization Committee

  • Phillip Gorden, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Abhimanyu Garg, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Baris Akinci, MD
  • David Araujo, MD, PhD (Universidad de Santiago)
  • Rebecca Brown, MD (NIDDK)
  • Charles Burant, MD, PhD (Michigan)
  • Ormond MacDougald, PhD (Michigan)
  • Carla Musso, MD
  • Martin Myers, MD, PhD (Michigan)
  • Elif Oral, MD (Michigan)
  • David Savage, MD (Cambridge)
  • Andra Stratton, MA (President of Lipodystrophy United)
  • Simeon Taylor, MD, PhD (Maryland)


Contact Information

Please contact Diana Rus at with any questions.

This event is co-organized by the University of Michigan’s Fast Forward Medical Innovation program, which offers biomedical researchers at the University of Michigan and across the state the resources and support to navigate the road to successful commercialization and entrepreneurship.