Wendy R. Uhlmann, MS, CGC

U-M Genetic Medicine Division, Ms. Wendy Uhlmann
Wendy R. Uhlmann, MS, LCGC

Clinical Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Clinical Professor, Department of Human Genetics
Faculty, Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine
Director/Senior Genetic Counselor, Medical Genetics Clinic

Division of Genetic Medicine
300 North Ingalls Street, NI3 A03, SPC 5419
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: 734-647-8902


  • BA (Biology), Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 1983
  • MS (Human Genetics), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1987

Board Certification

  • 1985: National Certification Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel, Clinical Laboratory Specialist in Cytogenetics
  • 1990: American Board of Medical Genetics
  • 1993: American Board of Genetic Counseling, Recognized as Charter Member

Clinical Interests

  • Genetic counseling and genetic testing for adults with a personal and/or family history of genetic condition(s)
  • Predictive genetic testing for neurogenetic conditions (e.g. Huntington disease, Alzheimer's disease, ALS)

Research Interests

  • Predictive genetic testing
  • Ethical issues and genetics
  • Return of results (research and clinical)
  • Genetics policy issues
  • Integration of genetics into healthcare


Wendy R. Uhlmann, MS, LCGC, is the director/senior genetic counselor of the Medical Genetics Clinic (adults). She is a Clinical Professor in the Departments of Internal Medicine and Human Genetics and notably was the first faculty member to achieve this rank in the medical school with a master’s degree. She is an executive faculty member of the Genetic Counseling Program and an executive committee member of University of Michigan’s ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications) Research Training Program, member of the IMPOWER Council (addressing issues of DEI and Wellness) and Adult Ethics Committee.

Wendy Uhlmann is a Past President of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) and previously served on the Board of Directors of the Genetic Alliance, NSGC’s liaison to the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research and on the ELSI Congress Organizing Committee. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Human Genetics, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Genetic Counseling and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Michigan Biotrust.

Wendy Uhlmann co-edited the first two editions of the book “A Guide to Genetic Counseling,” which is used internationally in genetic counseling graduate programs. She teaches in courses in the genetic counseling program, medical school and School of Public health in addition to providing clinical supervision for trainees and serving as a research mentor. Wendy Uhlmann was the recipient of NSGC’s Regional Leadership Award (1996), the Outstanding Volunteer Award (2009), the Natalie Weissberger Paul Lifetime Achievement Award (2011) and University of Michigan’s Basic Sciences Teaching Award in Human Genetics (2013).


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Honors & Awards

  • 1996: National Society of Genetic Counselors, Regional Leadership Award
  • 2009: National Society of Genetic Counselors, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • 2011: National Society of Genetic Counselors, Natalie Weisberger Paul Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2013: University of Michigan, Basic Science Teaching Award in Human Genetics


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