Brain Tumor (CNS) Precision Medicine Conference

The U-M Brain Tumor (CNS) Tumor Precision Medicine Conference is held monthly with the goal of identifying precision-medicine based therapies for pediatric brain tumor patients using molecular info generated from innovative research and clinical tests performed at the University of Michigan.  Pediatric and adult brain tumor patients’ cases are presented with attention to: (1) pathology results, (2) clinical molecular results, (3) clinical cytogenetics results, (4) research Mi-Oncoseq tumor genomic profiling, and (5) research information obtained from tumor samples obtained and/or cultured through U-M Brain Tumor Bank Program.

Current therapies for many high-grade and recurrent pediatric brain tumors are ineffective and rarely incorporate the integration of the individual molecular details of each tumor.  Our work in this conference challenges this paradigm, with the goal of improved targeted therapies for children with high-risk brain tumors.  We incorporate multiple innovative concepts to optimize precision-medicine based therapies; including choosing therapies based on their ability to target unique properties of each tumor AND to cross the blood brain barrier.

Cases are reviewed with discussion of potential treatment implications, with a multi-disciplinary team including Pediatric and Adult Neuro-Oncology, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pediatric Oncology, Neuro-Pathology, Pathology/Cytogenetics, Pharmacology, and research team members.  This conference is tele-conferenced with clinicians/researchers at multiple leading children’s hospitals nationally.  Protected health information from cases is removed to respect the privacy of each patient. 

If you are a clinician and are interested in attending the conference (in person or teleconference) or having one of your patients presented, please contact Carl Koschmann, M.D. ([email protected]).