Health Services Research

  • CDC CKD Surveillance Initiative. This Centers for Disease Control initiative is focused on the assessment of chronic kidney disease (CKD) prevalence, risk factors and heath care capacity on a national level. Learn more at
  • Development of a computable phenotype algorithm to identify pediatric CKD patients from electronic health records.
  • USRDS FSGS Recurrence.  This study uses USRDS national data to evaluate FSGSA recurrence trends and supplements these national data with Kidney Research Network registry data. Learn more about USRDS at
  • Development of a reporting system to advance the recognition of pediatric CKD.
  • CKD Health care utilization in children. This study uses US national HCUP-KIDS inpatient data source to assess the national inpatient impact of CKD in pediatric length of stay, survival, and cost.
  • Neighborhood level determinants of health and progression to kidney failure

Recently Completed

  • Health and Economic Outcomes in Nephrotic Syndome is a survey study to gain a better understanding of the financial burden from living with nephrotic syndrome to help health professionals better understand the costs, consider these difficulties when treating patients, and develop management strategies. Learn more at