PGY - 4

Taylor Broome, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: Duke University, M.D.

I was born in North Carolina and grew up on a cattle farm in southern VA. I went to William & Mary for college and Duke for medical school. I am a very creative person without any marketable skills, so you’ll find me doing silly things like making memes or parody videos. I am obsessed with my two cats Sterling and Starbuck (no S, it’s not the coffee chain). I absolutely love Ann Arbor summers so you will often find me drinking on a river or lake. I like baking, pilates, and gardening. I will watch just about any TV show, but my favorite show is the Office. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. 


Michigan Difference:  I remember being very scared of the snow on my interview day. Despite that everyone was so kind - one of the 4th year Med-Peds residents let me stay at her house even though she had to work a night shift! I loved that Med-Peds had a real presence here and that both categorical programs were strong on their own. I also really appreciated the program's commitment to wellness. I am still terrified of the winters, but if I could make it so can you!

Zoe Raglow, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: University of Kansas

I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas, where I majored in French and Biology, and spent a summer abroad in Strasbourg, France. After graduation, I did basic and clinical research in hepatology before starting medical school at the University of Kansas. I fell in love with both medicine and pediatrics during my third year of medical school, so Med-Peds was the perfect fit for me. In my free time I love binging on Netflix, doing crossword puzzles, and watching Jeopardy (just waiting on my AARP card), and I dream of owning an extra-large, fluffy dog. Right now, my future career interest is in adult infectious diseases. 


Michigan Difference:  As a med/peds resident, I wanted a residency with strong categorical programs in a big academic program which could offer a lot to its residents. I knew Michigan fit all those criteria before my interview, but it was the interview day that really convinced me. The residents were warm, engaging, and bright, the program director was inspiring, and the environment was so supportive. Plus getting to live in Ann Arbor is a great bonus!

Erica Smith, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: Wayne State University

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit and love Michigan so much, I just can't seem to leave! I went to the University of Michigan for undergrad where I majored in Neuroscience and then spent the next four years completing medical school in Detroit at Wayne State University. I fell in love with both medicine and pediatrics during my third year of medical school, so Med-Peds was the perfect fit for me. When I'm not at the hospital, I love to golf, hike, try out all of the yoga studios around town, watch "The Bachelor" with my co-residents, and eat all of the delicious food in Ann Arbor!


Michigan Difference:  Michigan had everything I was looking for in a residency program. Not only are the categorical programs strong on both sides, but there is a strong Med/Peds presence and community. On my interview day, the people I met were warm, fun and down-to-earth, and it was clear that I would get top-notch training in a supportive environment at UM. Plus, Ann Arbor is an amazing city with everything I love- lots of outdoor activities, coffee, beer, food, and a great football team! Go Blue!

Arielle Schaffer - White, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

I grew up in Santa Ynez, a small town in central California. I attended college at Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon, majoring in Biology with a minor in Gender Studies. I loved the Pacific Northwest so stayed after graduation working as a nanny and a medical scribe. I met my husband in Portland and convinced him to move with my temperamental cat and me to San Francisco to attend medical school at UCSF. The most meaningful experiences for me in medical school were following patients with complex life-long diseases as they navigated our increasingly complex healthcare system. I chose Med-Peds to follow this patient population and because I just couldn’t give up treating children or adults. Outside the hospital my other passion is gardening and cooking what comes out of the garden. I also love to explore the outdoors in Michigan, host resident group gatherings, and spend time with my pets.


Michigan Difference:  Initially I was drawn to the program due to the strength of each of the categorical programs and for how well rounded the Med-Peds program felt. When I interviewed it was the culture of the program that impressed me most. The residents were friendly, down to earth, knew one another well, and created a very supportive atmosphere that felt different from other programs I visited. It also has unique features to support resident wellness such as the House Officer’s Association (our resident union) and Resident Assistants which stood out against other programs. My husband and I also loved the size and accessibility of Ann Arbor with all of the outdoor activities and great restaurants to explore outside of work.

Amy Ludwig, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: Rush Medical College

I grew up all over the place, from rural China to the mountains of Utah to the very flat farms of Wisconsin. Home is Chicago, where my parents live now and where I did undergrad at Northwestern and med school at Rush. I took some time off between to teach high schoolers biology and calculus (or I tried anyway). When I'm not in the hospital, I like to collect cookbooks and bake, do hot yoga, hang out with my dog Parker, or be outside running, hiking, pretending to know how to garden, and patio drinking. One of my new favorite things is Sporcle trivia, and it is near impossible to win in Ann Arbor but I am dead set on doing this once during residency. Other goals include pursuing pulmonary and critical care, and I am passionate about health disparities in chronic lung disease. 


Michigan Difference:  There was an instant connection and gut feeling I had about Michigan from my interview day. I really think it came down to the people I met, and the collaborative and warm culture really stood out to me. I knew I wanted a med-peds program that had strong, rigorous categorical programs. I also wanted an institution with a wide catchment area that would give me exposure to all types of patients from a variety of backgrounds. Michigan definitely met these expectations and then some! On my interview day, it was apparent that the residents at U of M are valued, supported, and also challenged to critically evaluate patients, to be curious and thoughtful clinicians. On top of that, Ann Arbor is a lively, beautiful town with the typical Midwestern charm that makes me feel instantly at home. I am also really happy to be part of an institution with a stellar football team (sorry, Wildcats). Go blue!

Steven Wilson, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: University of Michigan

I grew up in a small township about an hour northeast of Ann Arbor. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, I studied cellular and molecular biology and performed bladder cancer research before enrolling in medical school at the University of Michigan. Throughout both my childhood and college years, I was very involved in sports, particularly football. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the variety of restaurants downtown, traveling, exercising, visiting family/friends, and spending time with my dog, Sam. There are countless reasons why I chose the University of Michigan for internal medicine/pediatrics residency, but the simplest explanation is that Ann Arbor is home. It was also very important to me that I have the opportunity to work at a large academic center with great people, rigorous training, and a culture of collegiality/teamwork.

Victoria Wytiaz, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I am one of those Pittsburgh people that will mention the city and rave about it at every opportunity. I stayed for my undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh where I majored in molecular biology and the history and philosophy of science. I was also a sports reporter for the daily student paper which was great for an avid sports fan like myself (hockey and baseball tied for first, football a close second for me!). I moved across the state for medical school at Temple in Philadelphia where I also earned a master's degree in urban bioethics. My master's thesis focused on the dynamic of physicians-as-patients and how the illness experience impacts further practice. I chose med-peds because of the breadth of opportunities for future careers and because of the people...motivated, fun and amazing clinicians. Outside of medicine, I try to catch as many Pirates, Steelers and Penguins games as I can. I am also on a mission to find the best brunch and ice cream places everywhere I go.


Michigan Difference:  I had never been within the state borders before my interview, but I could sense Michigan was a great fit from that first experience. The health system has an incredible reputation and I was struck by the balance between innovative research and technological advancements and compassionate patient care. There is most definitely a culture here that promotes learning and improvement and I knew I would be challenged every day as a resident, by both faculty and my talented peers. I am excited to be a part of this exciting community!

Stephani Zakutansky, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: University of Washington

I grew up in a small town in northwest Indiana, and spent as much time as possible swimming and playing out on Lake Michigan. I moved to North Carolina to study global health and marine biology at Duke, before heading west for medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle. While at UW, I spent time training in rural Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. I have interests in global and rural health, health systems strengthening, and storytelling in medicine. Outside of the hospital, I love biking, cooking, live music, skiing (you can do that in MI!), and finding new adventures with my co-residents!


Michigan Difference:  I chose Michigan Med/Peds for a number of reasons. I felt a connection with the people that I met on my interview day, faculty and residents alike. They were thoughtful, smart, and down-to-earth. I also wanted a program that was strong on both sides, with a Med/Peds community to boot. I knew I'd get great teaching, work at a top-notch hospital, and find a supportive community here. And lastly, I wanted a program with opportunities to get involved in advocacy work, community engagement, and global health.