Abstract Submission

Pediatric Research Symposium


 POLICIES & GUIDELINES  (Read this first)

Abstracts - Guidelines

  • Abstracts must follow the PRS abstract format guidelines detailed below.
  • Limit one 'first author' submission per individual; multiple submissions from the same dataset are discouraged.
  • Abstracts with ‘research-in-progress’ are accepted, but will not be eligible for awards or oral presentations. Abstracts must be completed for poster presentation.
  • Abstracts are peer reviewed and ranked on the basis of scientific merit in the category selected. The Program Committee will use these rankings to designate awards and develop the final meeting program (oral and poster presentations).
  • Abstracts should be marked/noted as DEI research and/or research supported by department intramural funding
  • Informed Consent & Disclosure: Investigators should consider and disclose potential conflicts of interest in connection with papers presented at the Symposium.  Abstracts must also comply with the following:
    • Animals: Studies involving animals must conform to the “Guiding Principles in the Care and Use of Animals” of the American Physiological Society.
    • Human Subjects: Studies involving human subjects must be conducted according to a protocol approved by an Institutional Review Board. 
  • Abstracts will be published in the Symposium proceedings online at this Symposium website.

Abstract Format, Template, Submission Instructions

  • Template:  All abstracts must be submitted using this template  prs_blank abstract_template.docx.  This is a blank, 1/2-page (8.5" H by 5.5" W, portrait mode, with preset margins).  Please see these samples as a guide: sample_abstracts.pdf
  • Format: Use Arial Font 10 point (or larger)single space.  DO NOT CHANGE THE MARGINS OF THE TEMPLATE.
  • Simple graphs and tables may be included if they fit within this template page. Abstracts are limited to this 1/2 page.
  • Save/download the blank template to your computer; type or paste your abstract (including title, authors, etc) into the blank template.
  • Title and Authors. CAPITALIZE ENTIRE TITLE. State all author’s initials and last names followed by their divisional, departmental, and/or institutional affiliations.
  • Underscore the “primary/submitting” author so we know who will be presenting the work. Do not include degrees, institutional appointments, street address or zip codes. 
  • Body. The abstract is to be written using the hypothesis method. Organize the body of the abstract to include the headings of background, objectives, design/method, results and conclusions. These headings should be in bold.
  • Abbreviations. Place nonstandard abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears. Do not use abbreviations in the abstract title.


  • Posters will be displayed electronically/virtually (design/format and schedule to be communicated to authors). 
  • Authors must participate during the main poster session on May 11, 12noon-1:00 PM.
  • Authors of accepted posters must inform the Program Committee immediately if unable to present (oral or poster). Authors may confer with the Program Committee to designate a corresponding author to present, or may choose to retract the abstract.

Oral Presentations

  • Oral presentations will be selected on the basis of quality and topic of interest.  If you do not wish to be considered for an oral/platform presentation, please check the 'Poster Only' box on the registration form.
  • First authors will be invited for oral presentations approximately 2 weeks prior to the symposium date. Because of this short notice, abstract authors should plan to be available on the Symposium date (May 11, 1-3:00 PM), or they should check the 'Poster Only' box on the registration form.
  • Authors must inform the Program Committee immediately if unable to accept the invitation to give an oral presentation or if a co-author will be presenting in their place.
  • Authors giving an oral presentation will not be expected to present a poster.

 Submission Instructions

  • Fill out completely and submit the Abstract Submission Form below.
  • Download the abstract template prs_blank abstract_template.docx; following the abstract format guidelines above, complete and save the abstract as a Word document changing its file name to the submitting author’s last name (i.e.,NAME_PRS_2021).
      • Reminder: Check that the abstract contains the title and authors (& brief affiliations) per the guidelines above.


  • Symposium Program Chairs:  Ellen Selkie, MD, MPH | Jenny Radesky, MD | Carl Koschmann, MD
  • Administrative:  Jackie Torres: jjtorres@umich.edu  734-763-9150
  • Pediatric Research Office:  pedsresearch@umich.edu 734-615-1740 




Submitting (Primary) Author Information
Abstract Information
*Note: title must match the title on the submitted abstract.
An abstract is designated DEI if the study investigates either disparities, inequities, or inclusiveness relating to any aspect of pediatric health care. DEI designated abstracts are eligible/will be considered to receive the DEI award.
Research reported in this abstract was supported (entirely or partially) by award(s) from the Pediatric Intramural Research Funding program, Charles Woodson Fund, or the Pediatrics Resident and Fellow Research Funding Program.
(Optional) - Poster Presentation only /do not consider for oral presentation.