Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs is responsible Faculty Administration for Clinical, Instructional, and Research tracks.

How we support faculty

  • Prepare Appointments
  • Licensing/Credentialing
  • Promotions 
    • 3rd year review
    • Collection of promotion materials
    • Departmental review of promotion material
    • Tenure Nominations to the Medical School

Appointments and Promotions 

Information about Appointments and Promotions in the University of Michigan Medical School can found at the UMMS Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development.  

The Medical School Appointments & Promotions site provides comprehensive information about the Appointment Process including developing the Educators Profile, Research Profile, and selection of Reviewers.  

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Departmental Promotion Committees

Department of Pediatrics Clinical Track Promotions Committee

  • Heather Burrows M.D. Ph.D. - General Pediatrics
  • Barbara Felt M.D. - Behavioral Developmental Pediatrics
  • Terry Bravender, M.D. - Adolescent Medicine
  • David Bradley, M.D. - Pediatric Cardiology
  • Ayesha Ahmad, M.D. - Genetics, Metabolism & Genomics Medicine
  • Renee Shellhaas, M.D., M.S. - Pediatric Neurology

Department of Pediatrics Instructional Track Promotions Committee

  • Jordan Shavit, M.D.,Ph.D. - Hem/Onc
  • Julie Lumeng, M.D. - Developmental/Behavioral
  • Lisa Prosser, Ph.D. - Professor of Pediatrics and Health Management and Policy
  • Mark Russell, M.D. - Pediatric Cardiology
  • Katie Keegan, M.D., Ph.D. - Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics