Program Benefits

Program Benefits

House Officer Association

The University of Michigan House Officer Association is a resident run organization that strives to both improve the working conditions for house officers and advance patient care. To name a few of the benefits our residents particular enjoy, the HOA has collectively negotiated a competitive resident salary, disability coverage, mental health programs, medical and dental insurance, holiday compensation for nine of the major bank holidays, an extension in maternity and secondary care provider leave, and a monthly cellular phone stipend. Visit the HOA website to learn more about this unique benefit or read the latest contract!


Resident salaries across the institution are negotiated by the University of Michigan House Officer Association. The University of Michigan offers highly competitive salaries and with an additional lump sum benefit to residents and fellows.


Residents are provided with 4 weeks of vacation per academic year. During the winter season (December 23-January 1), each resident also receives an additional 5-day block free from clinical responsibilities.

Additional Benefits

  • Residents may request up to $500 for books, software, and other educational expenses. 

  • Residents may request up to $500 for presentation or attendance at national academic conferences. 

  • Residents are entitled to reimbursement for the application fee for USMLE Step 3. 

  • Travel reimbursement to clinic sites or off-campus clinical experiences. 

  • Meal money added to Mcard for working evening hours. 

  • Access to the University Hospital South Wellness Center for an affordable $10/month fee. If residents would prefer to join a center outside of the hospital complex, there are discounted membership options at other University of Michigan recreational centers.