Educational Conferences

Pediatric Hospitalist Conference

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellows will attend and participate in regularly scheduled conferences that will enhance their learning. These conferences will be a mix of Divisional and Departmental lectures that will focus on a wide variety of topics.

Divisional Conferences:

  • PHM Core Curriculum Conference (Weekly)
  • PHM Journal Club (Quarterly)
  • PHM Morbidity & Mortality (Bi-annual)
  • PHM Peer Mentoring Meetings (Monthly)
  • PHM Research Meetings (Monthly)

Departmental Conferences:

  • Pediatric Fellowships Core Curriculum Conferences (Quarterly)
  • Pediatric Fellowship Research Curriculum (Monthly)
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds (Weekly)
    • Including quarterly “Fairness, Inclusion, Respect, Equity (F.I.R.E)” Rounds
  • Pediatric Chief Resident Friday Morning Report (Weekly)
  • Department of Pediatrics Forum on Racism and Justice (Monthly)


  • St. Joseph Mercy Hospital PHM Division Meeting
  • IHI Open School