Current Fellows

Third Year Fellows

Laura McKay, M.D.
Hebron, CT College: Vassar College Medical School: University of Connecticut Residency: University of Connecticut Other Degrees: None Academic Interests: Oncology, precision medicine, AYA population

Q. "Why did you choose University of Michigan for Fellowship? "
A. "I was interested in the University of Michigan because I enjoyed the smaller feel of the program while still being able to enjoy a strong education in hematology, oncology, BMT and new treatment modalities such as CAR-T and MIBG therapy. I was also interested in the range of research opportunities available." 

David Svilar, M.D., Ph.D.
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
College: Case Western Reserve University
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh
Residency: St. Louis Children’s Hospital with Washington University in St. Louis
Other Degrees: PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from University of Pittsburgh
Academic Interests: Coagulation Disorders

Q. "Why did you choose University of Michigan for Fellowship? "
A. "I want to pursue a career in basic science research learning more about blood coagulation.  University of Michigan has both a strong clinical interest in pediatric coagulation disorders and basic science research opportunities available to learn more about blood coagulation.  Ultimately when I was deciding on fellowships, my future research mentor convinced me University of Michigan is a great place for exciting research and I choose fellowship to work in their lab."  

Second Year Fellows

Evan Cantor, J.D., M.D.
New York, NY
College: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Medical School: Medical School for International Health, Be’er Sheva, Israel
Residency: Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, NY
Academic Interests: Neuro-oncology, personalized therapy

Q. "Why did you choose University of Michigan for Fellowship?"
A. "Great opportunity to work with many very talented faculty, many varied diagnoses to learn about, and great location."

Sarah Koblick M.D.
New City, New York
College: Cornell University
Medical School: St. George's School of Medicine
Residency: Albany Medical Center
Academic Interests: hematologic malignancies, survivorship clinic, quality improvement

Q. "Why did you choose University of Michigan for Fellowship?"
A. "I was truly impressed by the diversity of the patient population and the collegial atmosphere amongst the entire Pediatric  Hematology Oncology division. Ann Arbor is a great town, with access to the resources of a large university as well as great food and sports."

First Year Fellows

Joshua Goldman, M.D.
Trumbull, CT
College: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Residency: University of Connecticut School of Medicine/ Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Other Degrees: None
Academic Interests: Neuro-oncology, supportive care, QI

Q. "Why did you choose University of Michigan for Fellowship?"
A. "U of M offers a diverse patient population and cutting edge research opportunities in a medium-sized program. I also was impressed by how approachable the faculty were during my interview and how livable Ann Arbor appeared when I came for my interview."

Nate Nessle, D.O.
Springboro, OH College: Lee University, Cleveland, TN Medical School: Rocky Vista University, Parker, CO Residency: University of Louisville Academic Interests: Global hematology oncology and improving access to care in developing countries

Q. "Why did you choose University of Michigan for Fellowship?"
A. "We’ve had close family members treated at Mott Children’s Hospital over the years, and it’s an honor to be a part of the university. The faculty lead with humility and approach patients with big hearts; what better people to learn from. There are a lot of global medicine opportunities, and I’m planning on obtaining my MPH during fellowship hoping it will open doors to either a part or full time position internationally."