Current Fellows

Physicians in a hospital

1st Year Fellow

Jessica Ruikka, MD

Jessica Ruikka, D.O.

Undergraduate: University of Lousiville, Louisville, KY
Medical School: Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, MO
Residency: Cleveland Clinic Children's, Cleveland, OH


Where are you from? 
Chelsea, MI

What do you like about the Ann Arbor Area? 
Argo park on the river is a favorite! It’s a manageable size city but with all the amenities.

About you:
I enjoy running, hanging out with my family and soaking up the lake life in Michigan.

2nd Year Fellow

William Rasmussen

William Rasmussen

Undergraduate: University of Michigan Residental College
Medical School: Western Michigan University
Residency: Marshall University School of Medicine - Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency


Where are you from? 
Grand Rapids, MI

What do you like about the Ann Arbor Area? 
Friendly people. Easy access to nature, and always something to do within a block or two, day or night. 

What do you like about fellowship at Michigan?
Constantly being nudged out of my comfort zone. Supportive colleagues. Busy but not too busy?

About you:
I enjoy running around in the woods, laying around on the couch, good food, good company, and weird country music.

When I was four, I put my hand on a hot stove, apparently to see what it felt like. I'm a doctor now.