Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our residency program stands for diversity, equity and inclusion and feel this is an important part of our program structure. We are committed to the benefits that diversity brings to the fabric of our department, across staff, trainees and faculty. We believe combining different perspectives and fostering diverse approaches to strategic thinking is critical to our success.

Our residency initiatives include the following:

  • Formal curricula including Microaggressions, Unconscious Bias Training and Bystander Training for all trainees
  • Monthly departmental forum on Racism and Injustice and FIRE Grand Rounds
  • Core didactic sessions incorporated into our conference series
  • Journal club discussion about health disparities research in pediatrics
  • Every rotation and elective submits pertinent articles describing health inequities in their field and DEI focused goal and objective for their rotation
  • Resident participation in the Michigan Advocacy Group, which encompasses our Pediatricians for Black Lives group. This group, comprised of residents and faculty, works with the goals and voices of the University of Michigan Medical School's White Coats for Black Lives (an initiative of the Black Medical Association). Our advocacy group strives to address health disparities, lobby for pediatric public policy issues, and advocate for children throughout the state of Michigan
  • Resident mentors for Doctors of Tomorrow, an outreach program that exposes underrepresented minority students to careers in medicine, and provides them with the skillset needed to help them pursue this path.
  • Resident representation on institutional Anti-Racism Oversight Committee and Faculty Recruitment Oversight Committee
  • Departmental and residency program (leadership and residents) attendance at Student National Medical Association and Latino Medical Student Association annual conferences.
  • Supplementary DEI dinners/interview experiences for residency applicants expressing interest in DEI-related issues.
  • Participating in the institutional Health Equity Visiting Clerkship experiences for fourth-year medical students.

You may also learn more about DEI policies and initiatives in the Department of Pediatrics here.