Learning Experience

Unique Learning Experiences

  • Extremely close and cooperative relationships between the Child Neurology, Pediatrics, and Adult Neurology training programs
  • Child Neurology continuity clinic during the Pediatrics PGY2 year
  • A month-long Neurology Bootcamp elective just before starting the PGY3 year
  • Begin Child Neurology training (along with Adult Neurology training) during the PGY3 year
  • Strong emphasis on graded autonomy and responsibility as residents advance and on continuity of care
  • Joint teaching conferences with Neonatology, Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatric Genetics, Neuroradiology, and Social Work




  • All residents complete a mentored capstone project and present their project at the University of Michigan Neuroscience Day
  • Capstone projects include research, quality improvement, or education projects or a scholarly review
  • Most residents present a project at a national meeting and many have won local and national research awards
  • We have excellent integration across departments, and our residents have completed projects with Adult Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Genetics, Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, and basic science lab

Quality Improvement

  • Dr. Erin Fedak, our residency’s Quality Improvement Director, has created a longitudinal quality improvement curriculum for our residents
  • Our residents have completed excellent quality improvement projects including these recent projects:
    • Increasing folic acid prescription for patients who could become pregnant who take anti-seizure medications
    • Increasing screening for mental health disorders in clinic
    • Reducing unconscious bias in our resident selection process

Residents as Teachers

  • Our residents teach each other in a self-designed neuroanatomy series, with input and feedback from our education experts
  • Division-wide meetings for faculty and residents are dedicated to educational methods and skills
  • Our residents can participate in CoMET (Community of Medical Educators in Training), a program designed for residents and fellows aiming to become the next generation of clinician-educators

Global Health

  • Global health electives are offered in both the Pediatric and Child Neurology residency programs, with interested faculty to assist with mentoring
  • Global REACH is a university organization which facilitates worldwide clinical, educational, and research collaborations