Josiah Warner, D.O.

Program: Combined Pediatrics - Child Neurology
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest

About Me:
A humanities man by nature--having received a BA in Classical Liberal Arts and Culture at New Saint Andrews College--I felt called to serve in medicine and retooled at a post-bacc program at Northwestern before starting at WesternU in Oregon. As a "non-trad" I have a couple years of work experience in marketing and sales, a lovely wife, and three very high-energy children. I love nerding out over fundamental physiology, in general, and neurophysiology in specific as well as working out (so I can keep up with my kids), baking bread, fellowshipping at church, perfecting home-made deep dish, and learning from others. If prompted, I can either do a backflip for you thanks to my gymnastics-days or translate some Latin poetry.

Why Michigan?
I really loved my interview day(s) with both the Peds and the Child Neuro faculty/staff. They all like genuinely humble and brilliant individuals excited about sharing their expertise to raise the next generations of competent, thoughtful, and compassionate Child Neurologists.