Sara Tsimerman, M.D.

Program: Combined Pediatrics - Genetics
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

About Me:
Hello, I’m Sara! My family came from the USSR and emigrated twice before ending up in Toronto, Canada, where I grew up. I went to London, Canada for undergrad, where I majored in genetics and absolutely loved it. From there, I went to the Caribbean (to St. Kitts and then Barbados because of a hurricane) for my pre-clinical medical school years, and then finished my MD with one clinical year in the UK, and the last in the US. I fell in love this time with pediatrics, but wanted to continue having a genetics-based focus. I’m excited to continue my training and become the excellent physician I am confident U Michigan will make me! Outside of the hospital, I like to spend my free time writing, reading comics, and doing art badly. You can also catch me rock climbing or playing the piano. My partner and I are very excited about all the outdoor activities Ann Arbor and the nearby area have to offer!
Why Michigan?
I chose Michigan because even aside from the location, the amazing program and research opportunities relevant to the kind of physician I would like to be, I felt like I truly connected and got along with my interviewers on a personal level. It was clear to me they cared about the human side of residency!