Sofie Kjellesvig, M.D.

Program: Combined Medicine and Pediatrics
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

About Me
I was born near Minneapolis, MN and moved to Eau Claire, WI for high school before returning to Minnesota for my degree in Biomedical Engineering. I was lucky enough to sneak in a summer study abroad program on French multiculturalism, which was an amazing experience aside from the worst sunburn of my life! At the end of undergrad, I spent two years taking care of adults with disabilities and found I loved working with people more than being in the lab doing math (which I genuinely do enjoy!). I went back to Wisconsin for medical school, where I had the opportunity to co-found and pilot a peer support program aimed at wellness and suicide prevention with several of my classmates. My current medical interests are GI (especially IBD transition care) and combined hospital medicine, but I still really enjoy primary care as well, so everything’s still on the table at this point. Outside of medicine, I love reading, downhill skiing, coffee, snacks, and music, especially listening to it really loudly in the car on long drives.

Why I Chose Michigan?
It was super important to me to find a program that treats residents like whole human beings and feels like a family and Michigan definitely lives up to those expectations. During my interview, I loved the easygoing, comfortable way people interacted with each other and with me! People seemed to have lots of passion for medicine (as well as their lives outside of medicine) and that’s exactly the kind of people with whom I love to work. I also valued the clear commitment to advancing health equity, the med ed training program, and the well-established Med-Peds presence at Michigan.