Taylor Houlihan, M.D.

Program: Pediatrics
Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University/Sidney Kimmel Medical College

About Me:
Hi, my name is Taylor! I was born and raised in Lansdale, a small town outside of Philadelphia. My interest in medicine began at a young age, in part due to my personal medical journey with congenital heart disease (CHD). I chose to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology at Wheaton College, a small liberal arts school outside of Chicago. While there, I met my now husband who was also interested in medicine, and we both returned to the east coast for medical school at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia. During my time in medical school, I became more involved in the CHD community with a specific emphasis on fellow patients with single ventricle heart disease. I participated in research projects, shared my patient story at conferences, and developed an educational social medial platform to help raise awareness about CHD. I love caring for children with chronic illnesses and teaching them about their health so they can become effective advocates for themselves as they grow up. I believe a diagnosis should never define a child or serve to restrict them from living the fullest life possible. Outside of medicine and advocacy, I love coffee, cooking, and exploring new cities. As a former ballerina, I enjoy barre and pilates classes to keep me active. I couples matched here with my husband, Nathan, who is going into orthopedic surgery, so we are thrilled to be here together in Ann Arbor.
Why Michigan?
Michigan is the perfect fit for my husband and me due to the location, fantastic people, wonderful academic standing, and many educational opportunities. We love the town of Ann Arbor and are excited to be closer to family in the Midwest. Additionally, the pediatric cardiology program at Michigan is excellent, and I cannot wait to learn from the amazing physicians here.