Yaseen Maleki, M.D.

Program: Pediatrics
Medical School: Texas A&M College of Medicine

About Me:
I was raised in Houston, Texas where my family still resides and I stayed in Houston for my undergraduate and medical school education. I have always loved working with children, but it was in medical school where my love for pediatrics was solidified. I have academic interests in quality improvement, global health, and working with underserved patients. Outside of medicine, I enjoy staying active and being outdoors. I also love anything fitness related (running, weightlifting, cycling, pilates) and spending time with husband and our families!

Why Michigan?
I chose Michigan because it is catered to both my personal and professional goals in ways unavailable elsewhere. Professionally-it is a program that beautifully balances a stellar stand-alone children’s hospital serving a diverse population, dedication to innovative research, and prioritizing training well-rounded clinicians. Personally, being closer to my husband as he completes his orthopedic residency makes the location and program a perfect fit for me!