A Message From Our Chief

U-M Molecular Medicine & Genetics Division, Dr. Eric Fearon
Eric R. Fearon, MD, PhD

Welcome to the Division of Molecular Medicine and Genetics within the Department of Internal Medicine. Michigan Medicine has a long history as a leader in genetics research, education, and clinical care, and our division has played a significant role in this achievement.

Our faculty members come from a broad range of backgrounds and have a diverse range of research interests. This diversity among faculty has fostered a unique environment for highly productive scientific interactions and collaborations. Within this research setting, seminal discoveries have been made by faculty, many of whom have been recognized at Michigan Medicine, as well as nationally and internationally for their research accomplishments.

Educating and passing the knowledge we’ve gained to the next generation is of the utmost importance to our division. Our faculty are decidedly engaged in teaching and mentoring clinicians and scientists including undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, residents, and fellows from various subspecialties.

We treat patients at our multidisciplinary Medical Genetics Clinic where we specialize in diagnosing genetic conditions, providing care, assessing risks and implications for you and your family members, determining testing options and coordinating genetic testing, identifying supportive resources, and providing genetic counseling. Our faculty are committed to providing individualized and high quality care and resources to our patients.

We are proud of our achievements we’ve made in genetics research, education, and clinical care, and look forward to many more in the future.


Eric R. Fearon, MD, PhD
Chief, Division of Molecular Medicine and Genetics