Faculty Affairs

Julie Bynum, MD, MPH
Julie Bynum, MD, MPH
Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs

"Despite the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty continued to advance the Department of Internal Medicine mission in patient care, education
and training, and research through their persistence, dedication, compassion, and innovation." - Julie Bynum, MD, MPH

The Department of Internal Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to developing, supporting, and mentoring the academic careers of nearly 850 faculty members across 13 divisions. Our office, in collaboration with the U-M Medical School Office of Faculty Affairs, provides support and resources for numerous activities including faculty recruitment, appointments, reappointments, promotions, and compensation.

Faculty Promotions

Our promotion and tenure process occurs on an annual cycle. The promotions committee advises the Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine on granting promotions and tenure to eligible faculty members. Specific criteria has been developed by the committee to assist faculty members in attaining their goal of promotion and tenure. As you can see below, our annual number of promotions reflects the high level of academic achievement of our faculty and the recognition they receive for it.

Annual Number of Promotions

  • 2020 - 44 promotions
  • 2019 - 51 promotions
  • 2018 - 50 promotions
  • 2017 - 58 promotions
  • 2016 - 48 promotions
  • 2015 - 40 promotions
  • 2014 - 39 promotions
  • 2013 - 61 promotions

Faculty Growth

The total number of Department of Internal Medicine faculty continued to grow in our clinical track during 2020 and remained steady in the instructional and research areas. The chart below breaks down our faculty growth trends by year and by faculty type.

Number of Faculty Members by Track and Year

Veterans Affairs

There are currently 185 internal medicine faculty holding VA appointments with 11 new hires in 2020. Learn more.

Awards & Recognition

Clinical Excellence Society

The Clinical Excellence Society recognizes in an ongoing fashion those faculty who, by their peers and their division, exude and demonstrate clinical excellence towards their patients and colleagues. Twelve faculty members will be inducted into the society for 2022. Learn more.

Early Career Endowment Awards

The Early Career Endowment Awards are competitively assigned to junior faculty at the Assistant Professor level and are named after a current or former faculty member. The department named three new Early Career Endowment Awards for 2022. Learn more.

Career and Personal Development

The Medical School Office of Faculty Affairs offers a wide range of workshops, events, and programs to assist faculty in achieving success in their teaching, research, and leadership career goals, in addition to their interpersonal development and health and well-being. View a full list of current workshops and events and programs, and see below for highlights of just a few leadership training opportunities available:

Recruitment Efforts

The Department of Internal Medicine is dedicated to recruiting and retaining faculty from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate talent, achievement, and potential in clinical care, research, innovation, leadership, and education. Incorporating best practice, holistic faculty recruitment strategies for diversity, equity, inclusion and excellence, with support from the Department of Internal Medicine Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Well-Being, we are working to create and continuously cultivate a diverse and inclusive community that provides each person with the opportunities and support they need to thrive.